Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jakub Valenta eb30ab0ce7 antimicro: Build version 2.23 for armv7h 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta 428948c060 gitignore: Ignore pacman db files 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta eec47fd234 Make: chroot-setup: Start binfmt systemd service 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta 7ef14d1134 udevil: Upgrade and build version 20170628 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta 307d86c282 mpv: Update from 0.25.0-3 to 0.27.0-1 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta 6ac6d91e5c mpv.conf: Fix 5.1 audio over 2-channel jack 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta bc741d125a mpv.conf: Update rpi background to new conf syntax 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Valenta a36553b0f0 gitignore: Ignore *.bak files and dirs 5 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 039e13217d Makefile: Fix chroot for rpi3 5 months ago
  Jakub Valenta d7ade6ea10 install: Build current ver of udevil and antimicro 5 months ago
  Jakub Valenta dc674a54ba install: Don't inst non-existent xorg-server-utils 5 months ago
  Jakub Valenta ea6953ebb7 install: Update mpv from 0.23.0-1 to 0.25.0-3 5 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 5c88111d1e README: Add RPi3 support, improve wording, improve code examples 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 4ded184268 Makefile: Add support for RPi3; add param VERSION 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta c983359f6a src-rpi3: Add RPi3 boot/config and empty pkg cache 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 8e125c4d9c boot/config-universal: Disable overscan like in curr config.txt 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 26e10a2e08 boot/config-hdmi-to-dvi-1080p: Fix file permissions 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta a1ae9c83f7 boot/cmdline,config: Add orig files for reference 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 6ba2d78d03 mpv.conf: Update conf to current mpv options 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 9e26cf12ae install/*.pkg: Add packages built for RPi3 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 6a95caec87 install/Makefile: Upgrade mpv and antimicro version 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 6d6636a072 install/udevil: Add RPi3 arch support 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 79637dff75 antimicro/settings: Add sett. to turn on gamepad out of the box 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta cde67281ce antimicro: Add support for and switch to gamepad Speedlink SL 6555 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 80299523c2 install/antimicro: Add 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 458cd14ac0 install/mpv: Upgrade and add support for RPi3 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 2992fd30a3 install/antimicro: Upgrade and add support for RPi3 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 5d8fd6f38d install/Makefile: Install antimicro by default 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 2df2bbb55e Make: package: Rename from 'build', rm dep 'mount' 10 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 862464605f mpv: Upgrade from 0.20 to 0.22 10 months ago