25 Commits (master)

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  Jakub Valenta 0aeb872e04 gitignore: Ignore mypy cache 9 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 3e40ffc2c5 common: Fix subtitle reading (read as SubRipFile) 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 5dcb71f21d approve_matches: Ignore non-existent film files 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 31d3c19231 common: Ignore unicode errors when reading subs. 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 621e4f87f1 approve_matches: Reformat 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 5c4fe63d92 search_subs: Don't remove existing matches 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 174cbe1021 search_subs: Don't crash when output doesn't exist 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 6ba5054ad3 Use Python 3 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta ef87ea06df README: Improve 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta cb0629a0d2 approve_matches: Support different print formats 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta a8d57952f3 approve_matches: Fix printing 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta a94ed66a54 approve_matches: Fix the '?' key which was ignored 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 6ebfc9c48c approve_matches: Check: don't incl already checked 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 853aa723ea approve_matches: Pressing "q" quits the program 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta a1befc7706 approve_matches: Created, split from search_subs 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 99873dff1d search_subs: Don't crash when called as __main__ 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 894fe8e06d search_subs: Enter key means now no instead of yes 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 6e0bb245be download: Shuffle flxed 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 226507a11d download: Shuffle enabled again 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta ca4dd5bb1d download: Create subs directory if it didn't exist 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta c2a0cfee6b find, download: Store IMDB IDs incl movie titles 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta a8cc7b5f35 download: Don't crash if cache files don't exist 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta bbae51a831 Use listio for maps reading/writing. Use video-composer for video editing. 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta c79ce1e0f4 Coding style: Minor fixes based on pep8's output 5 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 1e322df65b Initial commit 5 years ago