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Print an iCalendar (.ics) file in a human-readable plain text format.


pip install --user --upgrade .


ics-to-txt --help


Use required parameter -i to specify the input CSV file.

Use optional parmater -b to print only events newer than or equal to a date.

Use optional parameter -n to print only events the name of which contains passed string (case-insensitive).

The plain text output is written to stdout.


ics-to-txt -i mycalendar.ics -b "2016-01-01" -n findthis > mycalendar-from-2016-about-findthis.txt

Example output:

2015-12-11  15:00 - 21:00   6.00h  Foobar my event title
2015-12-12  14:00 - 16:00   2.00h  Important meeting
2015-12-13                         An all day event

The third column is the duration of the event in hours.


To keep the output simple, ICS to TXT prints events spanning more than one day as single-day events. For example an event starting on 2015-12-11 at 22:00 and ending on 2015-12-12 at 07:00 will be printed as

2015-12-11  22:00 - 07:00   9.00h  Polygon

but if the event was to end on 2015-12-13 at 07:00 it will still be printed in the same way as above:

2015-12-11  22:00 - 07:00   9.00h  Polygon


Feel free to remix this piece of software. See NOTICE and LICENSE for license information.