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Art Account


(cd ../account-statement && make setup)
(cd ../google-sheets-wrapper && pip install --user --upgrade .)
make setup


  1. Setup Aqbanking using GnuCash.

  2. Store secrets in keyring:

    secret-tool store --label='Art Account Fio Token' art-account fio-token
    secret-tool store --label='Art Account Foo HBCI Password' art-account foo-hbci-password
  3. Create configuration files:



  1. Retrieve transactions:

    make backup clean transactions
  2. Test:

    make spreasheet-test-full


There are two options:

A. Run locally:

make spreadsheet

B. Run on server:

make deploy-upload REMOTE_HOST=amazon-aws REMOTE_PATH=/home/ec2-user/.cache/art-account/
make deploy-cron REMOTE_HOST=amazon-aws REMOTE_PATH=/home/ec2-user/art-account/