43 Commits (master)

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  Jakub Valenta a059c3e76a fints: Parse transaction type 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 1902d8ecfe fints: Ask for TAN when needed 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta c9610cadf2 fints: Fix conversion from mt940 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 5bef2bbad2 setup.py: Fix entry point pkg 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta daebd27842 Pipfile: Update python-fints 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta f67b4d66ae Pipfile: Use custom python-fints 4 months ago
  Jakub Valenta dd393c847c fints: Don't crash when no balance received 6 months ago
  Jakub Valenta 2b39d1813a Use fints instead of python-aqbanking 6 months ago
  Jakub Valenta f2de4ef7fa account-statement: No need to ignore tests/_ 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta ebec84c427 Store backend_id 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta ae9af3a8c5 Improve censoring 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 0246cf7d94 Remove unnecessary logging 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 62f71663b0 hbci: Add check for inconsistent tx balances 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 3179aae7f3 hbci: Fix calc_balance() 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 9e4650e61c test: Add HBCI calc_balance() test 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 4bf76acbd7 Pipfile: Install python-aqbanking 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 449d8c48b8 hbci: Fix reference to attrs 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta fd94c4a6ca cli: Add option --limit-days 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 3d0dfec80d cli: Read date limits from cmd line 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 3511d2e9f4 Pipfile, setup: Add missing dependencies 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 9a049cd512 Don't change working dir when running from outside 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta ff34cfa520 Big refactoring 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 193cff8910 Read secrets from libsecret instead of config file 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta fe1295c415 tests: Fix censoring test 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 9e699830ef Fix test runner 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta ed473b1901 Add tox (tests and linting) and fix types 1 year ago
  Jakub Valenta 79c70249dd hbci: Get current balance from Aqbanking 2 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 03e2c04f66 Allow multiple accounts of same type 3 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 4617bed937 README, setup: Update docs and package 3 years ago
  Jakub Valenta ae4402fda4 Cleanup, add type annot., add HBCI currency conf 3 years ago
  Jakub Valenta df17ee1ee7 hbci: Add HBCI backend (via AqBanking) 3 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 539ae56ead Python 3.4: Fix compatibility (regex bug) 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 009d2a4d9e Add list and names censoring and move from backend 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta d0fce7dae1 Add feature limit statement by end date, arg --to 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta b3a61db2b4 README: Improve 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 7a54435ec6 fio: Add censor number codes in transaction info 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta c1d592aa93 __pycache__: Remove 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 378da16a5d fio: Create cache dir; Add account currency to txs 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta b9d36bcecf args: Add from date argument --from 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 418926f4f2 fio: Adjust date format to match real data 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 82519cfab3 setup.py: Fix lib name typo, add __init__ 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta 74a0a08422 .gitignore: Add 4 years ago
  Jakub Valenta d058ef08fc Initial commit 4 years ago